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The TORQ Difference 
A generational leap in HVLS Fan technology

Built to perform better, built to last longer. See why TORQ is the HVLS fan of choice for many. 

There’s TORQ
and then there’s the rest




Traditional AC


Generic DC




Motor Maintenance

Requires regular maintenance

Geared motors require periodic inspection for oil leakages. 
Oil  change required after long-use.

Does not require motor maintenance.

DC Motors do not have gears, therefore they do not require any oil change or maintenance.

Does not require motor maintenance.

DC Motors do not have gears, therefore they do not require any oil change or maintenance.


Energy Efficiency

Traditional AC Fans are not efficient with energy.

Although they might look similar to one another, most Big Fans are powered by traditional geared motors that draw an unnecessary 1,500 watts of power.

Neither are generic DC fans

It may look more efficient, but standard gearless DC motors draw a continuous 1,500 watts of power too.

TORQ Fans always operate efficiently.

Gearless TORQ motors are engineered to take only what it needs, drawing a mere 500 to 1,440 watts of power to drive a full-sized flagship TORQ model.



Traditional AC fans produce Low Torque.

That’s why they require more power to move any significant amount of air.

Standard DC fans as well.

Because they have Low Torque, they generally don’t move air very well.

TORQ Fans always operate efficiently.

TORQ motor technology is so efficient at delivering torque (10x more than AC, and 4x more than standard DCs) so much so that it requires less power to move volumes of air.



Traditional AC fans are too heavy.

Industrial geared motors are renown for being terribly heavy, which can put far too much stress load on your ceiling if you asked us.

A little lighter, but still unnecessarily hefty.

Standard DC motors are built mostly out of steel rather than the magnets that drive them, making them heavier than required

TORQ Fans are the lightest Big Fans in the world.

Designed to be slimmer so that the motor spends more energy moving air rather than its metal parts, TORQ fans are so light they weigh half than its rivals.



Outdated 1-to-1 control.

Each AC fan needs to be controlled manually by a single inverter box that requires too much wall space.

1-to-1 control as well.

Just as with AC fans, generic DC fans require an inverter box for every givenfan unit.

Multiple TORQ Fans can be controlled by a single touchscreen controller .

Access different functions and features that will help you save time, energy, and precious wall space.